Taller de Relaciones Humanas EID Don Atilio

Taller de Relaciones Humanas en EID de don Atilio, hermoso debate sobre las nuevas generaciones, la revolución tecnológica, redes sociales, el convivir con la sociedad, buenísimo hay ganas y necesidad de expresarse en las personas, seguiremos en este camino… 


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Ellyn Angelotti, this week’s speaker, spoke about how social media has changed both journalism and itself in the past decade. Public opinion and bias is now everywhere on the Internet thanks to the inventions of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. She explains the importance of these sites and their affect on people during election periods where the content someone reads can heavily influence a person’s political standing. She mentions the increase in Facebook users and Twitter users in 2008 compared to the rising amount during this election cycle. The use of memes to both entertain readers and state a political opinion or bias has risen due to popularity and use of the Internet to express political ideas. A prime example of this type of situation is the current situation where Mitt Romney mentioned Big Bird on Sesame Street in the first political debate. The amounts of memes and parodies using Big Bird have skyrocketed due to a simple mention of the character. Social media is also a good way to be exposed to multiple perspectives. Anyone can publish things on the Web and Internet users can choose what they wish to see. However, sites like Twitter where you are limited to 140 characters per Tweet can leave news out of context and mislead readers. This affects the accuracy of stories and leaves out important context that may be important to know. Overall, social media is a step in the positive direction for journalists given that you can use it to interact with the audience as well as guide people to believe what you believe.
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